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Mini Motor Racing EVO – game review

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There are very limited games that make a successful transfer from mobile platform to PC because your have a lot of higher expectations when coming to a HD platform, and thankfully Mini Motor Racing fulfilled many of those expectations in form of PC upgraded “EVO” version.

MMR was a successful mobile platform top down racer, and the developers added all the nice bells and whistles to bring it to PC platform. The game is totally arcadish and simplistic in its approach. The bright colored cars and tracks do give that away for sure but the game does have its fair share of variety of cars, upgrades and tracks to keep you happy.

The game has a career mode, quick race and multiplayer modes. Sadly the game never tries to invent different type of event, so its always the same old classic racing no matter what mode you play. The extensive career mode is divided in different cups which you have to unlock by taking top tier positions. There is no rocket science here, its just plain old formula that has worked for so many years and continues to work in this game.

There are power pickups in the game, but only limited to cash (which can be used for upgrades) and nitro which are just short boosts of speed to be used wisely at straight runs. Its just sad that the game never tries to add more fun pickups. Some more like from Mario Kart world would have given this game much more personality and fun factor. I know the controls must have been kept simple for mobile interface but with a keyboard or full controller, such new powerups should have been a much need booster to the face value of the game.

Controls wise, the game did feel a bit disappointing. The cars don’t behave 100% like cars where you have to be in momentum to turn. I was even able to make turns while car is standing still; which just showed lazy programming where the car doesn’t have to be in motion to make a turn. This did create a lot of confusion too for me, when I would hit some barrier I would press turning key and accelerate in hope that when car accelerates it will get away from barrier like in any other game but sadly the car turned even before acceleration and making me over turn or make a U-turn instead. This is not always annoying as you get the hang of game’s controls but overall it just didn’t feel right. Although controller is supported too but it was far more easier to maneuver via keyboard.

Graphically the game is eye catching. Not only does the visuals looks rich and sharp but also developers did put a lot of special effects too for PC gamers like water splashes, dust or headlights etc. The props around the levels and the levels itself are beautiful to look at and the overall style and theme really suited the arcadish gameplay. Steam gamers will be treated to two special levels based on theme of Team Fortress 2 and Portal 2. Although those two are not my favorite levels to race around route wise but I do love the theme and visuals of those levels. The music of the game is what you would expect from 90s era fast electronic music which may be okay for the game, but personally music didn’t enhance the mood for me.

The game comes from the beloved line of games such as Ignition and Death Rally which were very close to my heart, so I did enjoy this modern top down racer, as it has been a long time since game like MMR Evo have come to PC. The game does justify its presence on PC further by adding a track editor too. With steam workshop support you can easily create tracks as per your liking, publish them and let the whole world play on them as well as enjoy unlimited supply of new tracks created by community. The editor is pretty simple to use although you will not be able to create 100% content or assets used in professional maps like I was unable to find any option to add water etc. to tracks to make splashes.

Overall the game is simple yet nice. The game never takes itself seriously. There were some disappointing factors like loose controls and no variety of races and power pickups. The good things remain the graphics and track editor. The game doesn’t fully justify its $10 price, but keep a look out for this title on Steam sale for 50% off or something and it will be a much worthy purchase then.

6.5 / 10 rating          

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