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Free app watch: Epoch

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EPOCH is a futuristic cover shooter for iOS based on Unreal engine for iOS. Epoch control scheme is made up so that it suits the touch screen controls and only asks you to swipe your fingers for action rather than actually aim or move around. How it works is that on every screen there are three cover locations, you can come out of cover up swiping up, swipe down to go back to cover, swap left and right to roll to those cover locations. Fro shooting, you have to tap lock the enemy once and then as soon as you break out of cover your robot will auto shoot the enemy. All you have to balance is that you keep moving left and right and then shoot before other enemy robots aim catchup with your current location. To aid in this purpose or to take it slightly more versatile there are two other swipe gestures: if you are already out of cover the swiping up again will make your robot jump to opposite side of screen skipping the middle cover, this gives you more time to shoot the enemies. second gesture is that if you are already in a cover and again swipe down then your robot does a manual reload, which is necessary for an effective whole barrel of shooting and not to enter reload session while out of cover. This all control scheme is pretty easy and you will get to shooting and going back and forth in cover in no time.

Now the game story is given out in small chunks of memories coming back to your robot but the gameplay does remain entirely same through out the game. The only variety will come from upgrades. A lot of variety of guns and power-ups are there for unlocking. Each gun carries different fire rate or damage or abilities, so if a level is getting tough with one gun you might wanna equip something else next time. The abilities include things like ability to throw grenades, multiple rockets or slow time etc. The enemy slowly change variety too to counter your ever increasing arsenal and capability to doge them.

In the start the game appears really good, with Unreal engine support really lovely visuals on the iOS, simple controls but over the time the game will become just TOO repetitive. Given the game has unlocks and new enemies and new location to look forward to but the gameplay will become stagnant. Still it is one of those games that have provided a very solid cover shooting mechanism for touch screens. The game is free for a very limited time on iTunes, so its never a better price than being FREE.

Rating: 7/10

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