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Zack Zero – game review


Just one look at Zack Zero, and I was reminded to 3D animated TV series for children. The game is action oriented platforming and the gameplay (As well as the looks) confirms that the target audience is kids as the game may be too “cheerful” for adults.

Zack Zero is action platform adventure where the main hero takes inspiration from elemental powers which you can use to eliminate enemies in different ways as well as help you across different platforms. These powers include fire, ice and earth. You can knock off enemies even in your normal mode, but the powers do give you innovative ways to get rid of the competition. There are some level that does involve use of powers to traverse the environments e.g. fire makes air lighter thus allowing you glide on air streams or ice allows everything (including time) to slow down but most of the time its all bout repetitive fighting via punching or combos cherry topped with fireballs, ice tornadoes and stone spires.

The game’s story is a rehash of any other typical stories containing a damsel in distress. Just as expected you can add a main game alien villain starting with alphabet “Z” (in this case “Zulrog”) who has kidnapped your dear Malene and you not only have to save her from Zulrog’s home world but at the same time spoil his plans of time traveling for world domination.

The game in no way will knock your socks off; being a very basic platformer set in a 2.5D world. Level design does allow a bit of depth and side-exploration rather than just left and right scrolling.

The game is more well played with a gamepad than with a keyboard due to how you pull off the combos. There are some problematic platforming in some levels but the bright visuals still save the day. In the end it just ends up being an average game. The use of powers will excite the lovers of children cartoons like Ben 10 and is the only thing that redeems this other wise below average game.

5.5 / 10 rating          

  • Honza R

    Cartoon 3D graphics doesn’t look bad for platformer. It’s just a pity that in the end it’s just another average platformer. Reminds me of Party of Sin.

  • Eszik

    Thank you for this review which is very interesting :)

  • Ali Meguenni

    Zack Zero looks like an exciting platformer , with a rather nice graphics and good music ; on the other side , It’ll make you feel that classic gameplay and the bit repetitive fights . But It’s still an overall good for the fans of the genre , it worth a try !

    Thanks for the chance , Hope i get one !

  • Nagihiko

    I like the “cartoon-y” feel of the game, it looks interesting~

  • Romail Shakeel

    Wow the visuals look sweet

  • ivan

    nice. i like the graphic.

  • Kienan

    Yeah, like Ivan said, really interesting graphics.

  • Cheesepile

    I love platformers, can’t wait to try this!

  • Sasy

    Platform games are really fun

  • Fred

    Looks pretty cool to me, love old school platformers.

  • Fabio Castanheira

    thanks :D

  • Sabby

    Looks awesome! Commenting to try to win it, but if I don’t I’m definitely buying it anyway!

  • syedtumair

    looks cool!

  • Rafay Ali

    game looks great!

  • HappyGuy AllTime

    very interesting

  • dB0ss

    Great visuals

  • Vrachi Van Der Butik

    OMG, live the visuals!

  • Jon Snow

    Love platformers and this one has it all. Good SF humour, puzzles and awesome graphics. I know the story… I can live with that ;)

  • rann

    Looks fun!

  • Antarael Dulacre

    Looks like a great platformer, also very good review want to play it now =D

  • Omer Saeed Rana


  • Dwyn190

    Who won?

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