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Splinter Cell: BlackList – collector edition has a RC plane in it


Ubisoft has revealed many special editions for the upcoming Stealth action game. The US people will be most lucky getting “The Paladin pack” which has a RC Paladin plane in it which can fly at a speed of 35 mph. Other items included in pack are a poster, graphic novel and digital content called “Echelon pack”. Check the unboxing of this edition below:

In europe Silver collectors edition box will be released which will be holding the 24cm action figure of Sam Fisher from the game along with the other usual stuff.

The least is the usual digital content pack called “Upper Echelon edition” which will come for pre-ordering the game from Ubisoft’s UPlay shop, containing “Dead Coast” map, Golden googles and Upper echelon suit.

I still am waiting for information about what collector edition will reach Middle East region, most probably the European edition will be made available here containing the action figure.

You can find more about different pre-order and special edition of the game @ Official site

  • BlackHawk

    i want the rc plane :(

  • Barry Martin

    This game is great like all of the splinter cell games with excellent gameplay and graphics. , but the problem I am having is deciding whether I want to play the game or fly the Rc Plane… a difficult choice thus far!

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