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Noctua NH-U14S NH-U12S CPU coolers – video review

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Stock coolers maybe good enough for those who aren’t going to do some serious gaming, rendering or overclocking on their system. But if you are going to stress your CPUs to the limit then you would probably need a liquid cooling or big air coolers to be installed. Noctua is famous for their high quality fan technology and we take their slim heat sink design air coolers: NH-U14S and NH-U12S for a spin to see how they fair.

YouTubers can alternately watch the review @ YouTube

Noctua NH-U12S deserved our Value award for its good performance in economical range as compared to other coolers.

For the Noctua separate fan review you can refer to our previous VodCast @ Noctua NF-S12 video review.

9 / 10 rating          

  • watchbeforeyoupost

    Looks like you screwed up your video !!! Every thing looks fine in your video.But you are doing a blunder !!.The direcion of the fan which you mounted is wrong.Air comes into the fan from the front of the case and leaves the case from back fan, so your Noctua fans should be aligned in this way

    [Case Exhaust {Air Flow <<<<}] + [Noctua second fan {Air Flow <<<<}] + [Noctua stock fan {Air Flow <<<<}] + [Case Intake {Air Flow <<<<}]

    In Brief Air Flow

    Case Out Second Fan Stock Fan Case-In
    <<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<< <<<<<<

    Air comes in and leaves out just like that.

    What you did is you screwed up your video by putting the fan alignment in opposite direction. your air flow is

    [Case Exhaust {Air Flow <<<>>}] + [Noctua second fan {Air Flow >>>>}] + [Case Intake {Air Flow <<<<}]

    In Brief

    Case Out Second Fan Stock Fan Case-In
    <<<<<>>>>>> >>>>>>> <<<<<<<

    Does this air flow pattern makes sense to you ?

    If you look at your youtube video 1718 people watched it.It means you screwed 1718 peoples system by giving your half knowledge presentation.Also NOCTUA Fans comes with a white strip for vibration suppression , who will explain about them ?

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