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NFS: The Rivals – video review


Need for Speed may have had a rough patch before but things are looking pretty good for Rivals as the game’s all new multiplayer immersion system is a sure winner. Checkout for our video review for all the details of where it won our hearts and where it left us wanting for more.

Youtubers can watch it @ YouTube

9 / 10 rating          

  • Mansoor Ahmad


  • Romail Shakeel

    Thumbs up for the Photoshop above

    • karar

      there is nothing photoshoped here :/ … thats actually me .. after 1 week of dieting.. oh good u noticed :P

      • Romail Shakeel

        i find that hard to believe

  • Mohsin

    I’m sure the guy on the right (with the hat) is Batista from Dexter.

  • Wizard Jks

    i’m liking the vlogs (0=
    they have so much character

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