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Titanfall – Video Review

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Respawn entertainment debuts their first game with features cherry picked from contemporary shooters to bring us a pure adrenalined filled and unadultered multiplayer first person shooter. All the fresh elements in the game work in harmony with each other to bring out one a fun arcadish games to our desktop screens. Check out the full details in video review below:

Youtubers can alternately watch it @ YouTube

Overall its Pros remain:

  • Freedom of movement
  • Titan vs Pilot balance in fights
  • Bug free fast paced multiplayer
  • fun arcade gameplay.

Its Cons remain:

  • An unnecessary and butchered down singleplayer campaign
  • Not-so-next-gen visuals even in Ultra resolution textures and full HD (possible only on PC not on Xbox One)
  • Repetitiveness in matches.
  • No server browser option

But pros outweigh the cons pretty easily, giving it a final rating of:

8.5 / 10 rating          

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