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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – new game set on moon

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2K Games have revealed the next Borderlands game as “The Pre-Sequel”, indicating that the game is a sequel to first part but prequel to 2nd part. The game is set on moon adding low gravity and jet pack gameplay to the whole world. The game features new heroes with new abilities. VG/247 bring us debut gameplay video which was shown to media with developer commentary to show the game in action for first time.

Although no information is there regarding the length of game but to me it looks something like what Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon did as a smaller side game rather than a full sequel. 2K has clearly said that this is not Borderlands 3 and this one obviously is using same engine as Borderlands 2. It is much different and much expansive than regular DLCs thus being released as a separate game. The game’s story will be focusing on Handsome Jack and how he came in to power. The game will be coming in Fall 2014.

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